By: Krzysztof Kacprzak, M.D.

Sure, joking about muscles, testosterone and sex seems humerous on TV but, “low T” is no laughing matter for many men across the US. Latest research suggests that men with low testosterone can experience higher risks for illnesses, including diabetes, brittle bones, and cardiovascular disease.  A simple blood test can reveal if you have “low-t, ” but there are plenty of different signs and symptoms that can hint at the fact that you may have low testosterone. In this blog, we will discuss some of these underlying symptoms associated with low-testosterone. 

Low Libido

Testosterone is what fuels a man’s sex drive. If you have low-t, most likely your sex drive is either depleted and you have le

ss interest in having sex.  Men differ in the frequency of which they like to have sex. But also for men with low sexual energy, it can be entirely absent.


Erections are triggered by a tiny molecule referred to as nitric oxide that is released by the body during arousal. Testosterone is needed to induce the release of this molecule.  Blood flow is also very important for erections and if blood flow is not possible then the erection may not be ample enough for intercourse. 

Feeling a Spark

Having low-t can often lead to limpness of the penile. Sure, it may not be fully numb down there, but a touch to your penis or scrotum should not fail you or your partner. It you should bring about that feeling of excitement and arousal that is necessary to spark sexual encounters — and make sex gratifying.

Feeling Drained

It’s completely normal for a man or woman to feel tired at the end of a busy work day. But men with very low-t feel completely drained usually around the middle of the afternoon and continue into the night. Most men with low-t complain of being far more tired than they really think they are.  Most men with low-t drink an excessive amount of caffeine to keep their energy all day. Once your testosterone is balanced and restored you will notice your energy levels improve and the need for caffeine declines.  In addition to feeling extreme fatigue, men with low testosterone levels often lose their inner drive.  Men who used to be ambitious all day long are now sidelined due to the declining levels of testosterone. 

HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy can help fix many of these symptoms listed above. That’s why it’s important to reach out to CORE Medical Group for all of your men’s health needs.  Our reputable doctors specialize in this area.  The first step in our process is getting your blood tested to see if HRT/TRT might be right for you.  Once you begin to notice any symptoms of low testosterone, the most effective way of dealing with these symptoms is to treat them right away by having a telehealth conversation with a patient coordinator at our Core Medical Group in Syosset, New York.  Once you call our office, you can either schedule an in-person consultation or set up a telehealth visit.  Our medical team will review your symptoms, lab work and provide a physical exam to determine if you would be an excellent candidate for hormone replacement therapy.