Nutraceutical Imbalance Therapy

CORE Medical New York has an extensive menu of nutraceuticals, available via oral delivery or injection, that accelerate the functional medicine process in our patients. Our neutraceuticals range from high performance, gender-specific multi-vitamins to essential amino acids that can melt away body fat. CORE has identified the most efficient way for the body to absorb and utilize our nutraceuticals. In some cases, this may mean subcutaneous injections instead of more conventional oral methods of ingestion. We believe this is critical in order to maximize the benefits of what our patients are putting into their bodies. CORE Medical New York’s team of physicians and patient coordinators can diagnose problem areas and create an individualized supplement regimen to optimize your health and well being.

Cleanses and flushes are an integral part to CORE Medical New York’s holistic approach to treating our patients. Several times a year, CORE patients can take advantage of a glutathione liver cleanse or an injectable MIC fat flush and expect astounding results. Some of our patients require a dramatic course of action to achieve the results they desire. Cleanses and flushes can be that very catalyst necessary to launch our patients to a new state of overall health and wellness.