Sexual Health & Wellness Programs

Sexual Health and Wellness Programs

Core Medical New York takes a multi-faceted approach to treating sexual health deficiencies. The first step is an evaluation by one of Core Medical New York’s highly-trained physicians to identify what is the root cause of the problem. Upon completing the evaluation, an individualized treatment regimen is created by a Core Medical New York physician. The benefits of a comprehensive treatment plan for sexual health imbalances in men extends well beyond addressing symptoms. We strive to deliver medically-based solutions to treat conditions associated with aging that affect men in New York.

Testosterone levels start to decline at a slow and steady rate in a man’s early thirties and will continue to decline throughout his life. This decline becomes more evident in middle-aged men as such, men will experience “male menopause”. This condition of hormonal imbalance in males is characterized by a number of symptoms, such as fatigue, increased body fat, sleeplessness, night sweats, irritability, depression and various forms of sexual dysfunctions. Many men suffering from low testosterone may not even know they have an imbalance, which is why men should monitor their hormone levels carefully and get treatment when any symptoms occur.

Treatment Options for Sexual Health

Our Core Medical New York physicians will explore treatment options ranging from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Intracavernosal Injections Therapy where a fine needle is inserted the male penile to help support sexual health or a Topical Testosterone Gel that is applied daily to the wrist, inner arms or abdomen.

The most widely used of these injectable treatments is Trimix, an injectable three-drug cocktail used to treat men’s sexual health dysfunctions. The active ingredients in the tri-mix are alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine. In beginning the use of Trimix, it is critical that our physicians find the correct dosage as it does vary from patient to patient. Additionally, we provide education to our patients on the least invasive way to administer the treatment.

The benefits of a comprehensive treatment plan for hormone balance extends well beyond addressing symptoms. Our Medical Team strives to deliver medically-based protocols and treatment plans to reduce symptoms of low testosterone that affect male patients in Syosset, New York.