Understanding Gonadotropin

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A human body comprises of several trillion cells, which are involved in various biological processes at any given point in time. Hormones act as chemical mediators and messengers that coordinate and integrate the various activities of the various cells. Gonadotropin is the master hormone in the human body, which controls, supervises and regulates the production, secretion and functioning of other hormones in the body.

Gonadotropin (HGH) and Hair Growth

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We know that hair growth is regulated by hormones and metabolism, so anything that affects hormones and metabolism affects hair loss. In the same way, HGH can also affect hair loss and may have the possibility of halting the hair growth process. However, by examining in detail the nature of HGH, we now know that HGH is not harmful for your hair and there are several reasons behind this.

Progesterone for women

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Until recently, the only commercial testosterone products available contained methyltestosterone, a synthetic form of testosterone, in dosages only appropriate for men. Current studies, however, clearly show that testosterone is also […]